Hammer mill


The mill is intended for grinding materials (wood, biomass, grain) with hammers. This mill operates on the principle of two-way operation, with large sieve permeability, easy handling and maintenance. It has rugged construction and easy replacement of the sieve. The mill works in the lines with controlled dosing function load for the drive motor.

  • Easy reversing rotor allows maximum utilization of the hammer.
  • Adjustable system for leveling of the machine.
  • Enabled automatic control operations and lubrication of bearings.
  • Easy and safe replacement of sieve.
  • Installation of magnets and stone catchers.
  • Installation of doser depending on the material for grinding.

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Technical characteristics

Rotor diametermm650
Milling chamber widthmm725
Rotor RPMrpm2800
Number of hammerskom72
Sieve surface areadm²92.4
Air intake neededm²/mm354040
Grain processingt/h5 - 66 - 99 - 12
Wood (dried)t/h0.8 - 1.21.4 - 2.02.0 - 2.5