Cold pressing


Oil presses from the PHP series are intended for pressing oil from rapeseed, sunflower, flax, hemp seeds, mustard, pumpkin and other oil seeds by utilizing the technology of cold pressing. The process of oil pressing is performed at temperatures of up to 50°C as a necessary condition for the production of bio diesel as well as for pharmaceutical applications of oil.

These presses are designed for continuous operation, they do not require any special installation and are serviced by one operator.

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Technical characteristics

Capacitykg/h80 - 110180 - 200
Raw materialRapeseed, sunflower, flax, kale, pumpkin and other oilseeds
ProductsOil (temperature up to 50°C) & oil cake
Residual oil in cake%6 - 8
Electric energy3 phase, 380V
Working regimeNon-stop, 24h
Dimensions (HxWxL)mm1000 x 800 x 15001100 x 1200 x 2000