Hot pressing


Preheated full-fat soya with moisture 6% is supplied to the pressing cage. Shaft with screws moves raw material along the pressing cage. The chamber consists of bars made with special gaps for oil output. The space between shaft and bars is less at cake discharging side to create a constant pressure on the material.

The gaps between bars do not pass solid parts of soybean cake. However, oil leaks through the gaps and flows into the tray at the bottom of the press. From the tray, oil should flow to a filtration and cleaning system and then to oil storage.

Soybean cake with oil content 6-8% is discharged out of the press through the conical sleeve. Sleeve opening is regulated by cone. Clearance between the sleeve and the cone is governed by special screws. This allows you to change the oil content of oil cake by 1-2%.

Oil cake crusher is mounted under the cone. It crushes cake into pieces smaller than 50mm x 50mm x 50mm. Reduced cake pieces are faster cooled in the cooler. It is important for the quality of the protein in the cake. Soybean cake produced in the press is supplied for cooling and then to the cake storage.

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Technical characteristics

Raw material humidity%6 - 8
Residual oil in cake%7 - 8
Dimensions (HxWxL)mm2005 x 1814 x 2767