Pellet mills


Pellet mills from the “V” series are intended for pelleting biomass and other raw materials that are difficult to pellet. As a raw material for pelleting we use residues from wood processing, residues from agricultural production (straw, sunflower husk, corn tree and corn piston). This type of pellet mill is also used for pelleting lignine, peat, fertilizer and manure. The particularity of this equipment is a unique technical solution. The construction is reinforced, the power transfer is carried out by two-stage v-belt transmission, and the press is also supplied with the system for the forced feeding of the raw material. This model has a “V” engine arrangement that equally burdens the main axle, resulting in increased durability of the central bearings and stable operation of the machine.

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Technical characteristics

of Pellet MillkW2x22 / 2x3045 - 552x55 / 2x75
of PreconditionerkW337.5
of DispenserkW0.750.752.2
of Forced DispenserkW0.550.551.5
Dimensions (HxWxL)mm1709 x 1720 x 17631111