Asside from machine and equipment production, our company offers a variety of additional services that are available to all of our clients

Equipment operation training

Spare parts procuring

Machine and equipment maintenance


Feed pelleting line for Romania

Tuesday, 17.12.2019.

Delivered a full feed pelleting line with our AMP-304V pellet mill, to our distributor in Romania, Vilscom company.

First delivery for Ljubovija

Saturday, 09.11.2019.

Delivered the first part of machines for the new pelleting plato to 'MM Sistem' company from Ljubovija. The delivery consisted of two hammer mills, sawdust bin, countercurrent cooler with a vibrating sieve, two screw transporters and two belt transporters.

Wood drier drum delivered to Russia

Sunday, 20.10.2019.

We have delivered a new sawdust drier drum for a 5t/h wood pelleting line to a client in Russia. This is our company's first export to Russia.

Manure pelleting plant put into operation

Tuesday, 20.08.2019.

New manure pelletizing line put into operation at Gold MG. New application of pellets for organic fertilizer production - fermented manure is added with appropriate phyto enzymes, creating a natural fertilizer that provides high yields without the use of artificial fertilizers while maximizing profit for the user.

New delivery for Rozaje

Sunday, 14.07.2019.

Second delivery for 'Vrata Babić' company from Rozaje, Monetenegro. We delivered the dispensing bin and the sawdust bin, together with four pieces of screw transporters.